Sun, Moon, and Aliens - Bernhard Weißbecker

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Sun, Moon, and Aliens

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Karl-Heinz Erpel
Sun, Moon, and Aliens:
And a Moth from Orion
(Erpel's Visions - Vol. 2)

In his new book, Karl-Heinz Erpel walks on the winding paths of  scientific theories. Since more than 200 years researchers postulate a  link between the 11-year cycle of the Sun and human affairs. But in the  end, nobody seems really to belive in these things. Erpel picks up the  loose threads and combines the different theories to his own philosophy -  and again he finds indications of the participation of extraterrestrial visitors. And also Immanuel Kant acts a part in this  play, as well as a (seemingly) harmless moth that possibly comes from  the Orion Nebula.
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