A Mystery Deep in the Moon - Bernhard Weißbecker

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A Mystery Deep in the Moon

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Karl-Heinz Erpel
A Mystery Deep in the Moon:
The Real "Moon Hoax"
(Erpel's Visions - Vol. 1)

According to Newton's calculations our Moon was three times heavier in the year 1687 than it is today! Modern scientists quickly decided without deeper thought that a mistake must have slipped into Newton's famous book, the "Principia". Well, let's just assume that Newton did not do any miscalculations. And then let us see what we can deduce from this assumption.
In this book, Karl-Heinz Erpel analyzes how our Moon lost its mass. With his visionary conclusions, Erpel breaks free from the narrow borders of knowledge that are mapped by modern science. Our search for clues will lead us right through the solar system and in the end we will find evidence of the involvement of extraterrestrial intelligence!
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